Access Control Security System Sri Lanka

Security Access Control System

Security and restricting access to secure and unauthorized locations have become a paramount importance, not only for high security areas, but for day to day businesses as well. Security access control can be secured by using Fingerprint, Face Recognition, RFID (Radio Frequency ID), HID (Secure ID Format), etc. We provide the complete security access control system, with electronic locks, emergency key switches, and software reports for management monitoring purposes. Features include anti-pass back, duress alert monitoring and dual fingerprint authentication to restricted areas.

A more secure method for access control involves two-factor authentication. The person who desires access must show credentials and a second factor to corroborate identity. The second factor could be an access code, a PIN or even a biometric reading.

There are three factors that can be used for authentication:

  • Something only known to the user, such as a password or PIN
  • Something that is part of the user, such as a fingerprint, retina scan or another biometric measurement
  • Something that belongs to the user, such as a card or a key

For computer security, access control includes the authorization, authentication and audit of the entity trying to gain access. Access control models have a subject and an object. The subject – the human user – is the one trying to gain access to the object – usually the software. In computer systems, an access control list contains a list of permissions and the users to whom these permissions apply. Such data can be viewed by certain people and not by other people and is controlled by access control. This allows an administrator to secure information and set privileges as to what information can be accessed, who can access it and at what time it can be accessed.